We take your security and personal safety very seriously.

LIFE IS precious, entrust it to the best

If you are looking at this website, then you are someone special that takes your security and personal safety very seriously. 

Crime, public unrest, violence, and assassinations are on the rise and so investing now in your personal security, safety of your family and business is the smartest investment you can ever make. 

For many years JHS has delivered security, safety, and peace of mind to Royal Families, Heads-of-State, government agencies, ministers, diplomatic missions, international corporations, banks, business leaders, the elite in society and individuals who by virtue of their profile find themselves and families at risk.

Our products are saving lives from attempted assassinations, violence, robberies, and life-threatening events. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety on the road, in the privacy of your home or office under the unthinkable circumstance or situation.  Check out our products and contact us to discuss your requirement in absolute confidence and privacy.  


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JHS is committed to delivering to you the best, cost-effective, and custom-tailored solution that fits your style, security, and safety, in this ever-changing global environment. We operate from different parts of the world and can deliver from the closest destination that is in proximity to our customer. 

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Trusted Premier Armored Car Manufacturer

Each Member of the team has 10+ years of experience in armoring field and their expertise allow us to excel and solve critical problems in designing and manufacturing.

Expert Workforce

Being the Premium Armored Car Manufacturer, we use most modern machinery and the highest quality materials for our manufacturing process.

Quality Materials

Extensive vehicle armoring customization is encouraged and we can give you a proper solution for your special needs.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our sales team will help you choose the right protection you need and help you reduce the cost.


One of the cornerstones of our success. We believe Armored Cars should be accessible to everyone.

Value for Money

We believe in building the Safest and Most Reliable Armored Cars and thus we deliver the finest Armored Vehicles in the industry and Customer Satisfaction is extremely important to us.

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