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Armored suv

Armored SUVs are a favored preference for safety and convenience in a Sport Utility Vehicle. We convert and customize any SUV into a high-tech, well-protected covert armored vehicle. Our Armored Vehicles can also be engineered to protect the vehicle from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) which most armored companies do not offer. Extensive modification and customization are our forte and that includes 360-degree protection, reinforced suspensions, upgraded rotors, breaks, calipers, run flat tires, cushioned spall return guard on all doors, luxury interior comfort plus exterior enhancements such as RF shielding coating to protect vehicle occupants from harmful radiation; if required, front bull guards, 360-degree live video surveillance etc. We can offer any SUV type of your choice with these options including the vehicles shown below.

Please click on any of the vehicles below to learn more about our Armored SUVs and contact us to discuss your vehicle order today. 


Brands we armor