Toyota Camry

The Armored Toyota Camry is a perfect sedan that is designed to provide ultimate interior comfort, driving performance and minimum maintenance. The vehicle comes in an impressive 4-Cylinder and V6 Engines with a choice of gasoline engines in 2.5-liter Dynamic 4 Cylinder Force and a robust 3.5- liter V6 with 8-speed automatic transmission that provides the peak performance torque needed to push this ultimate armored vehicle to the limit while maintaining outstanding fuel economy.  

The base design of the Toyota Camry is ideal for armoring because the chassis supports the additional weight of the armor system without a squeak on its overall performance attributes. Incorporated into the armoring includes upgraded suspensions, absorbers, brake system, cushioned spall return guard on all doors and rubber run flat system.  

This vehicle has 360° of full protection and armored to B4+ B4 Protection while revealing a disguise that seamlessly blends with the original design.  This is a luxury moving tank in disguise and capable to withstand rounds from high power rifles, IEDs and DM-51 grenades.   

Modification and customization can include bomb scanning detection, spike dispenser, electric door handles and other exterior enhancements such as RF shielding from harmful radiation, if required by the customer.

This Armored Toyota Camry vehicle can also be engineered to protect from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) which most armored companies do not offer. EMP is a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy on a scale that is likely to interfere with or permanently damage any electronics that is within proximity. As the threat of EMP or IEMI attacks becomes more real, and the awareness of risk rises the need to protect Armored Vehicles is necessary. 

For clients looking for discreet high security and comfort this vehicle is highly recommended.  Available in All-Wheel Drive, LE, SE and XSE grades you can enjoy the harmony of driving comfort, relaxation and excellence while driving across town or cross country.

Check Mark on Docomo 360 Camera
Check Mark on Docomo ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
Check Mark on Docomo Airbags
Check Mark on Docomo Anti theft alarm
Check Mark on Docomo BA (Brake Assist)
Check Mark on Docomo Blind Spot Warning
Check Mark on Docomo Cornering assist
Check Mark on Docomo EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)
Check Mark on Docomo Immobilizer
Check Mark on Docomo Parking Sensors - Front and Rear
Check Mark on Docomo Pedestrian airbag
Check Mark on Docomo Rear Camera
Check Mark on Docomo Surround Camera
Check Mark on Docomo Traction Control
Check Mark on Docomo LED Headlights
Check Mark on Docomo LED Taillights
Check Mark on Docomo Rear Window Defogger
Check Mark on Docomo Wheels - Alloy
Check Mark on Docomo Central Locking
Check Mark on Docomo Leather Seats
Check Mark on Docomo Power Steering
Check Mark on Docomo Automatic AC
Check Mark on Docomo AUX
Check Mark on Docomo Bluetooth
Check Mark on Docomo CD Player
Check Mark on Docomo Keyless Entry
Check Mark on Docomo MP3
Check Mark on Docomo Radio

Armored to B4+B4 Level to provide full protection against high powered rifles such as 7.62x39mm (AK-47 Rifle), 5.56x45mm/.223 (M-16 Colt Rifle) and 7.62x51mm (FN, LAR NATO Rifle).

Check Mark on Docomo The Doors and Windscreen Glass has been replaced with our very high performance ballistic resistant glass.
Check Mark on Docomo This ballistic resistant glass is curved, transparent, and provides enhanced visual comfort, thermal control, driving performance and better handling.
Check Mark on Docomo The glass has an overlap engineering that provides complete ballistic protection with better data connectivity for vehicle occupants as essential in a digital world. 
Check Mark on Docomo The Doors have an overlap system to provide complete protection from the spacing between armor plate and transparent armor
Check Mark on Docomo All Door pillars are reinforced with light armored with ballistic plates.
Check Mark on Docomo All Door hinges are reinforced and engineered to reduce weight stress of the armoring.
Check Mark on Docomo Protection of Bulkhead and sunroof if available has full protection.
Check Mark on Docomo The entire Roof area is armored with an engineered overlap protection system.
Check Mark on Docomo The entire Floor is armored against fragmentation and simultaneous detonation of 2 DM-51 German ordinance hand grenades or equivalent.
Check Mark on Docomo The Battery and Electric Control Unit (ECU) is armor protected
Check Mark on Docomo The Fuel Tank and Radiator is armor protected.

Check Mark on Docomo Upgraded suspension, shock absorbers, brake system to compensate for the additional weight on the original vehicle.

Check Mark on Docomo Fully equipped with TYRON Run-Flat system in all tires including the spare tire.

  Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMP)
 RF Shielding Protection
 Explosive Scan and Detection system
 Electric Door Handles
 Window Actuator
 Siren/PA/Intercom system
 Road Tack Dispensing system
 TYRON Carbon Runflat system
 Engine Fire Automatic Suppression system
 Fuel Tank Fire Automatic Suppression system
 Fire Suppression system for Tires
 Roof Escape Hatch
 Infrared Night Vision Camera
 Mobile Satellite system
 First Aid Kit plus Defibrillator 
 Military grade mobile communication system
  Vehicle Cover for Protection against EMP 
Armored Sedan
8-Speed Shift Automatic
3.5 L V6 Gasoline
301 Horsepower
184 lb.-ft
4880 x 1840 x 1445
5 Persons
Based on Order


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Bullet Type Mass Velocity Other standars
124 gr
427 mps / 1400 fps
National Institute of Justice 3A
.38 Special
158 gr
259 mps / 850 fps
.357 Magnum
158 gr
425 mps / 1395 fps
National Institute of Justice 3
.44 Magnum
240 gr
427 mps / 1400 fps
National Institute of Justice 3A


Bullet Type Mass Velocity Other standars
7.62x33/.30 CAL Carbine
110 gr
600 mps / 1970 fps
123 gr
715 mps / 2350 fps


Bullet Type Mass Velocity Other standars
149 gr
838 mps / 2750 fps
National Institute of Justice 3
308 Winchester FMJ
150 gr
838 mps / 2750 fps
National Institute of Justice 3
145 gr
919 mps / 3250 fps
National Institute of Justice 3


Bullet Type Mass Velocity Other standars
30.06 AP (Armor Piercing)
166 gr
869 mps / 2850 fps
National Institute of Justice 4